Albatros Residence apartment repairs

Albatros Residence apartment repairs
  • Client: Kapitolijs Ltd.
  • Contractor: Apprime Ltd.
  • Location: Vezu street 14, Riga
  • Project duration: January - April 2015

Apprime Ltd. has recently started collaboration with the customer, in order to provide full end-finishing in several apartments of a multi-storey residential building Albatros Residence.

In all apartments Apprime is rebuilding some of existing partitions and openings, fitting the suspended gypsum board ceiling, installing one-lane wooden floor, painting the bedroom walls, assembling interior doors and oak window sills. In addition we carry out all necessary electrical and low-voltage installation work.

Since the interior design project involves partial replanning of the existing interior space, we are moving the water, sanitation and ventilation tube connections as well as electrical wire and cable runs before assembling the plumbing, ventilation and electrical top fittings. We follow the design of kitchen furniture supplied by the customer in order to provide right plumbing and electrical connections. Plumbing works include also inspection of existing heating system and proper regulation of the heaters.